Message from the Founder & Chairman

"We work together effectively to make India stronger day by day by empowering ourselves with knowledge and by living on honest means. We promote learning by not mere teaching but through Active Learning.

We aim at forming fearless and vibrant citizens who are able to face the challenges of life. Believing that education is the only powerful agent of social transformation. We work towards the betterment of students-teacher inculcating in them a sense of justice, honesty, compassion and love".


Kalvi Thandhai (Pulavar)
Dr. C.PALANIVEL M.A., M.Ed., M.Phil.,Ph.D.,

Message from the Secretary

“Educating, inspiring, empowering – are the basis of establishing a world class education center for students coming from different sections of the society. Education is the only means to empower the weak and establish gender equality in the society.

Even when Right to Education was not our fundamental right, I strongly believed that education is for all and under any circumstances, we cannot deny it to anybody. Join hands with us to make your child a better human being and a responsible citizen of India.”



Message from the Vice Chairman

Our Institutions is a Co-educational Institutions. It provides opportunities to develop leadership qualities of both boys and girls. The institution is aiming to develop the person as a whole. We have started many job oriented courses. The ultimate goal is doing the best and enjoying it. We are aiming to generate high profile young graduates to start the career throughout the world.

Looking forward to providing a platform for your success……


Mr.M.K.R. SURESH M.Tech.,